Milda works in a handmade, couture fashion, so all the custom creations are made with great quality and attention to detail. 

Please refer to the below FAQ before contacting us, to ensure that your inquiry meets the criteria. All inquiries will only be considered & replied to after filling out the below form.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Milda receives many questions regarding costume designs and custom orders, and welcomes your ideas!

However, please realize that making a custom-made garment is tremendously time-consuming. It also requires a great deal of garment construction expertise, making it a more costly investment than anything bought in a store, or “off the rack”.

After all, the garment is made to fit you exactly, and to your personality and taste!

How much does a custom made garment/ costume cost? 
- Typically, a custom design will range in price from $1,200-3,000.  Inquiries below $1,000 minimum will not be considered. In order to receive an estimate, you must agree to meet the minimum cost it takes to make a custom piece ($1,000+). 

What are the requirements to receive an estimate?

-First, you MUST fill out the form fully on this page in detail. No replies will be given to persons with missing and inaccurate information. In order to receive an estimate, you must agree to meet the minimum cost it takes to make a custom piece ($1,000+). If you ask for an estimate, please respect the criteria and consider that estimates require time to gather research on materials, and assessing labor for your project..

How accurate is the estimate?

- Depending on the level of detail that you have provided, the estimate will be fairly accurate, but might incur additional fees if there are changes to the garment, particularly after you have submitted approval of a fabrication or design detail. Any other additions to the design made by the client will always result in additional fees.

How long does it take to create a garment?

- Typically 4-6 weeks, but some projects can be rushed 2-3 weeks with an additional rush surcharge. The timeline is determined by many projects are being managed at the time, and how complicated the design of your project is. This will be provided in greater deal with your estimate.

What type of custom designs can be made? Does this include Halloween costumes?

- First, consider the minimum cost of a making a custom design ($1,000+). Secondly, please keep in mind that you are hiring a designer, not a dressmaker, so only original designs will be considered- no “copies” or “knock-offs”.

Other than that, the world is your oyster… Milda has made costumes for drag queens, Hollywood starlets, Award shows, Cosplay clientele, and yes, even outlandish Halloween costumes. Whether you want to dress as the band KISS, have a ballroom dancing gown for your next competition, or be transformed for the next Comicon event, your vision can become reality!

Kylo Ren Cosplay costume by Milda Bublys. 

Kylo Ren Cosplay costume by Milda Bublys. 

Where is the studio? Can I drop in and meet with Milda?

Most transactions and meetings will take place in your home or office.  Meetings are by appointment only, and must be scheduled ahead of time.

How does payment work?

- You will submit a payment for the first half of the project before starting. The remainder is due upon completion and delivery of the garment. There are no exceptions or payment installations. Preferred methods of payment are Paypal (prior to start of work), or cash upon first meeting and signing of agreement. At times, a personal check will be considered, however, work on your garment will not start until the check has cleared, which might lead to a delay to the originally projected timeline of your garment.

What is the process like? 

The Step-By-Step Process:
1.) Fill out the form fully on this page and submit to receive estimate. Please make sure you meet all the requirements in order to receive an estimate.
2.) Milda will contact you via email for additional questions, and if criteria are met, to schedule a 15 min phone call to discuss the project and schedule a time to meet. Milda will provide you an estimate.
3.) You will be emailed an agreement with the estimate on the work to be performed, for your review. In the agreement, Milda will detail all the elements of the garment to be made, as well as the deadline and cost. Meeting times will also be included in the agreement and estimate. Meeting details on time and location will be confirmed. Please arrange for your deposit payment for one-half the total cost of the estimate.
4.) You will meet with Milda at your home/ office or at a convenient meeting place. Generally, this meeting will be 30-60 minutes. An additional charge for being late to or missing meetings (prior to 24 hours notice) might access an additional charge. At  your meeting, together you will discuss the garment in greater detail, and Milda will have a sketch for your review. Both parties will sign the agreement, and you will retain one copy of the agreement. At this time, you will give Milda the deposit for one-half the total amount of the project.
5.) You will make yourself available at your home or office for measurements and fitting for the garment. The first fitting will be to take your measurements. The second and/or third meeting you will try on a “muslin” or a rough draft of your garment in a similar material to be fitted to your specifications. This is the part of the process where you can change things somewhat, and advise the fit or look that you want.
6.) Fabrications (like cloth or props) and trims (like buttons or feathers) and colors will be presented to you at the first fittings. You will be signing off on all these items in detail, and those materials will  be purchased at that time. At this point, any changes to these agreed-upon materials might incur an additional surcharge.
7.) You will have either one last fitting, or the final garment will be presented to you. When the garment is complete, you must pay the final half of the total project cost in cash, or Paypal in advance of the meeting date. No personal checks will be accepted.

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